BodyMind Balance is the only studio in greater Cincinnati to offer the GYROTONIC® method. The GYROTONIC® method opens up a unique way of movement culture and represents a holistic movement method with the spine as its central support.

The founder, Juliu Horvath, incorporated his experience as a dancer, swimmer and gymnast as well as his profound studies of yoga, acupuncture and Chinese medicine into the GYROTONIC® method.

The system uses tridimensional, circular movements on hand crafted wooded equipment with friction, spring and weight resistance. All exercises are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns. Through this method you will develop a balance between maximum strength and flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, relief from spinal compression, improved joint articulation and overall stamina. You’ll get strong, toned, and gain greater mobility, without getting bulky.

The GYROTONIC® method allows total freedom of movement and has no restrictions in terms of variety of movement, speed and intensity. If you’ve explored movement through yoga or Pilates training you’ll find GYROTONIC® exercises are a great next step in developing greater body awareness and physical ability. If you’re new to mind-body training GYROTONIC® lessons can be a great place to start your exploration and training is available at any fitness level. For more information visit