Getting Started

How do I get started?

Email the studio using the Contact link above to discuss how the Classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods can best meet your needs. We can schedule a time to talk further or book your initial session via email.

All new clients are required to take private sessions initially to understand the physical organization techniques of the Classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods and to learn how to safely use the equipment and make personal adjustments and settings. Our studio specializes in private and semi-private sessions and many of our clients prefer to continue private sessions beyond their initial sessions. We also have select times for semi-privates, where you can join one or two other clients. In semi-private sessions you will be required to set-up your equipment and have more independence during the workout while the teacher helps guide each client at their specific level.

What can I expect during a session at BodyMind Balance?

Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length. Sessions are personalized and all of our teachers are fully trained from a Fundamental to Advanced level of understanding in each method. The Classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods are taught by layering information. Each session builds on skills established in the previous one to provide lasting and meaningful change. Our studio is structured to support commitment and accountability to one’s self and the work. Our goal is to provide the safest and most effective teaching environment possible.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Fitted clothing is the most helpful to see alignment and placement. Our studio is in a loft warehouse and temperatures can fluctuate seasonally. Layers are helpful and you are encouraged to bring your own water. Socks are optional at the studio and all equipment is cleaned after each use. We have 2 dressing rooms if you need to change before and/or after your session.

What else is helpful to know?

Each session is an opportunity to tune into yourself and gain a deeper sense of alignment both physically and mentally. Mental attention and wrist alignment are very important while performing each set of exercises, therefore we ask you to refrain from wearing any watches or jewelry that could be distracting.

During each session you will be coordinating movement to breath. Neck and jaw alignment are very important to proper respiration, therefore we ask you refrain from chewing gum during your session.

Our studio atmosphere is one of simple and efficient artistry. Please keep conversational volume to a minimum and turn cell phones to vibrate.