the side benefit of shoulder narrowing… toned arms


Each teacher has their own way of teaching. One of my favorite ways to teach involves indirect cuing, aka “Sneaky Teaching” (more on that in future posts). Case in point: Narrowing the Shoulder. In the Gyrotonic method we learn how to coordinate movement in the arm and spine in a very fluid and connected manner. Terms like carve, curve and scoop all give a quality of this action in motion. It can be very challenging to sustain this as the spine Arches, Curls, Spirals, Side Arches and Waves… very hard indeed. Some may choose to approach cuing the shoulder from the top of the shoulder, however, I have had a lot of success, and a few giggles, by cuing the shoulder from below.

And so at BodyMind Balance we tone our armpits. We carve the shoulder by yawning our armpit. We create shoulder dimples by toning  our armpit skin. We hold handles and straps that may appear to be in the hand, from, you guess it… our ever-so-toned armpits. The result: clients with a lot of really connected and narrowed shoulders that allow their arms and spines to move in a very fluid and connected manner.

Sometimes indirect cuing is the most direct route.


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