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twit--blog-bwTeaching movement can be overwhelming in many ways. One of the best ways we as teachers can support our clients is to teach clearly and succinctly. When I work with teachers in our training programs, we spend a lot of time on communication and presentation skills. I joke with them to “Teach like you Tweet”: in Twitter you only have 140 characters to get your point across, so don’t waste words, syllables or characters!

When you have a choice of words, look for simple words that give direction, describe a movement quality and always imply control. For example, in the exercise Rolling Like A Ball say, “round your spine and balance holding your feet. Roll back to the base of your shoulders. Roll up and balance, ” instead of, “balance and hold your feet. Go back to the base of your shoulders. Come up and balance.” Be clear and concise and get to your point. Tweet! Tweet!

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