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Rollup_Strap2The strap that is located at the end of our platform mats and on our reformer frames is rather innocuous. It’s there if you need it for support and safety, but oh – there is so much more that this little piece of fabric can do for you! I have been on this kick lately exploring the word “taut” and how a taut strap supports a taut body.

Taut (dictionary.com), adjective, taut·er, taut·est.

1. tightly drawn; tense; not slack.
2. emotionally or mentally strained or tense: taut nerves.
3. in good order or condition; tidy; neat.
I can definitely work with taut as 1 and 3, but we don’t want to strain as in 2.  There are many exercises where the strap supports the body in opposition and grounding. It give us the feeling of stretching and toning our muscles and creating space in our joints for a stronger and fuller range of motion. Next time you do your roll up draw the strap taut from your ankles and all the way up through the crown of your head when in the curled up position and see if you can evenly distribute the stretch and tautness of your muscles and skin throughout the front and back lines of your body. Work to keep this as you roll into and away from the mat. Sometimes the simple things are the most effective.

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