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I have a C curve scoliosis. I have always been aware in my adult years that I have “ a slight curvature” in my spine which I thought would be nothing but a mild inconvenience for the rest of my life. Working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I learned to put up with intermittent nagging aches and pains in my back. As I approached retirement, spending countless hours sitting in front of a computer completing electronic medical records was taking a toll on my back and posture. I started to notice increasing asymmetry in my hips and a visible hump in my left rib cage. This was coupled with a constant sensation of fatigue in my lower back as well as back pain after sitting and standing for long periods of time. I consulted  2 Orthopedic surgeons, had X-rays done and was advised Yoga and  Pilates exercises. Surgery was out of the question because of the risks and increased morbidity at my age.

When I retired 3 1/2 years ago, I joined a fitness center, worked out with a trainer and attended Yoga and Pilates classes. However, these did not address my problem. I read up on the benefits of Pilates and the Schroth method. Since there is no facility locally that offers the latter, I decided that a good Pilates studio would be my best option.

I heard about BMB and Julie through one of the Pilates instructors at my fitness center. After I met Julie and spoke with her about my problem, I knew that I was on the right track. I mentioned to her that my goal was to prevent the progression of my curvature, be able to manage my back pain and hopefully achieve some improvement in my alignment. I started taking Pilates sessions with Julie once a week in July of last year, interrupted by weeks of vacation and lately 2 months of quarantine during which I took her virtual Pilates and Gyrokinesis classes. The last 3 weeks since the studio has reopened, I have been alternating Pilates and Gyrotonic twice a week. The sessions are quite challenging. With Julie’s excellent instruction and guidance, I begin each session at a higher baseline than the previous one. The exercises are varied but always targeted towards the correction of my curvature and rotation. My curvature has actually improved, my hips are more even, my rib cage hump less noticeable, my spine has become stronger, more flexible and my back pain almost non-existent. During my exercise sessions, I am completely focused on each movement, the interplay, and coordination of the different muscle groups in maintaining balance and proper posture, all coordinated with breathing. I compare it to a symphony of movements, each nuance carefully scrutinized by Julie’s incisive eye! Every session, I gather “ nuggets “ of information for “corrected posture”  which I have been learning to integrate into my daily activities. 

With the reopening of the studio, meticulous attention has been paid to every detail to make the space a very safe and wholesome place to seek “body and mind balance”. I always look forward to my exercise sessions since I leave the studio with a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Reaching my goal is a lifetime commitment for me and I am privileged to have Julie guide me towards it.

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