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Wendy Joseph

I was suffering from frozen shoulder and my acupuncturist suggested the Gyrotonic Method to open up my body and take the stress out of my joints. The Pilates Method was also suggested and I’ve been doing both at the studio for 5 months and cannot tell you how much stronger and flexible I’ve become. My balance has improved and I have no more frozen shoulder issues.

I’ve worked out for many years but as I’ve gotten older I noticed I needed to change up how I work my whole body and the Gyrotonic Method has gotten me to a new level of fitness and overall feeling great. The instructors at BodyMind Balance are all so caring and work together to help people like me and others to improve mentally and physically.

I feel like myself again only better. I’m a believer and would suggest to anyone to try the Gyrotonic and Pilates Methods at BodyMind Balance – they won’t regret it. 

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