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Janet Ziegler

 I know I’ve been coming to Pilates for at least 10 years – probably more.  I was hooked after the first couple of lessons back in the studio on Edwards Road.  It’s been a great help physically for me.  I’ve had a fractured pelvis and 2 back compression during this period – so probably more like 12 years – being able to use my abs instead of my back and also take pressure off the pelvis really helped immensely with that pain. 

I began with 1 day a week and now do 2 days a week. I do it because I love it, it makes my body feel good and is a great stress reliever.  I’ll pick Pilates over a lunch date.  Yes, I also do some hand weights in the morning and walk some each day.  In high school I played field hockey, basketball and swam.  In college did some bowling (I was not good) and played intermural volleyball – lots of fun.  My husband and I did like hiking and in the summer went to the beach for walking and swimming.  I just enjoy not being a “couch sitter”.

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