how quietly can you work on the equipment


We have been enjoying our monthly studio themes at BodyMind Balance! It has helped to unify our teaching, enhance our client’s workouts and has created a lot of opportunity for discussion among us all. Our April studio theme was “How quietly can you work on the equipment”. There were many ways that attending to this little detail were expanded upon. Attention to this detail highlights the Pilates Method Principle: Concentration. It also helped us guide our clients into working with more control on the equipment, staying connected to their body, the tension in the springs or straps during transitions as well as staying safe on the equipment. As a studio owner I can appreciate how working with care on the equipment reduces wear, and many of the teachers commented on how much more present it helped them and their clients be to the overall atmosphere of the session. We are immersed in our May theme currently and will post on it soon!

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