GYROTONIC® Pre-Training…what is it?

Lissa-GTPTWe have several GYROTONIC® Pre-Training courses on our schedule this year. I often get asked are they only for people who want to teach? Not at all!

Pre-Training courses are pre-requisites for those who would like to take the GYROTONIC® Foundation course, which leads to final Certification in the GYROTONIC®  method. If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor (and all instructors must be certified) then you must take this course. It’s purpose is to familiarize you with a majority of the exercises in the Level 1 program and experience the hand holds on your own body. This preparation helps to level the experiential playing field, if you will, of the variety of people entering a Level 1 Foundation course.

In reality Pre-Training courses are immersions or intensive workshop-based courses that can help any serious GYROTONIC® practitioner understand the movements on a much clearer level in their own body. While there is structure to the course and a certain amount of material that needs to be covered, there is ample time to personalize the experience. During normal workouts, unless you’re in a private setting, there just isn’t the time to refine personal details to the level  that may be needed, yet over time the refinements will happen. Pre-Training is an opportunity to accelerate you’re understanding in either a private or small group setting. Many Pre-Training courses are scheduled privately as well. If you are wondering if this course is right for you let me know.

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