crazy strong arms

Strong-ArmsI could have easily titled this post “Teaching With The End In Mind”, but “Crazy Strong Arms’ sounded more fun. We have been having a lot of fun with silly ways to cue serious strength in our Pilates workouts these days. I took a workshop with Rachel Taylor Segel of The Pilates Center a few months ago called, From the Star Backwards, and it gave a new insight into teaching from an advanced exercise perspective. If you look at all the advanced level exercises there is an incredible amount of upper body strength needed. One way we have been able to build the skill of connecting the arm to the back and building strength and alignment with all of our clients is to reinforce how strong the arms are in every exercise; specifically exercises where the arms are alongside the body on the mat. How easy it is to forget to ground the entire length of the arm into the mat and hug the arm to the body. It creates a lot of tone, opens the chest and supports the client into progressing to anything when the arms are in extension (overhead, standing/kneeling arms, etc.) as well as any exercise involving the arms, which from my perspective is every exercise. Pilates is definitely full body, full Powerhouse, and to teach from that perspective leads to some crazy strong workouts!

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