Privates and Semi-Privates

At BodyMind Balance we emphasize quality, safety and personalized Classical Pilates instruction. We are equipped with all the apparatus Joseph Pilates developed (Trapeze Table/Cadillac, Universal Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Chair, all Barrels, Ped o Pul, Guillotine, Arm Chair, Magic Circle, Foot and Toe Corrector and Neck Tensometer) and guide our clients in their understanding and ownership of the Pilates Method in their own body.

All of our appointments are scheduled by calling the studio at 513.351.7587 or requesting an appointment online. We offer an Introductory Package of 5 private sessions to introduce new clients to the Classical Pilates Method (this may be used for GYROTONIC® private sessions). You may choose to continue with private, duet or semi-private sessions (3-4 clients) or another combination.
*If you are interested in the duet or semi-private sessions, we will work to match you with a partner.