Recommended Reading: Strengthsfinders 2.0

StrengthsfindersBecoming a Pilates Teacher is not just about learning the exercises and taking people through a workout. You are actually stepping into the role of becoming a wellness leader in someone’s life – if you choose to view it with that level of importance. I have been a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates for over 6 years now and recently I began including a recommended reading list that attends to the aspect of our roles as Leaders in the wellness community. One of the books I recommend is Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. This book clarifies why you may excel in certain situations and appreciate the assets those strengths are. If you have ever struggled or criticized yourself with not being more of this or more of that this is an excellent book to explore because it helps you focus on what you do well.  It also helps us view and appreciate others strengths vs weaknesses. Owning our strengths and supporting our client’s in their strengths can dramatically shift the energy of a session to a much stronger and rewarding place.

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